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Double Issue on Plea Bargaining by Federal Sentencing Reporter

Mon 1 Apr 2019

In 2019, the Federal Sentencing Reporter released a double issue on plea bargaining. The collection includes 16 articles by leaders in the field of plea bargaining research and reform.

In 2019, the Federal Sentencing Reporter, a publication of the University of California Press, released a double issue on plea bargaining. Below is a listing of articles contained in the collection.

  • The Tyranny of the Trial Penalty: The Consensus that Coercive Plea Practices Must End – Norman L. Reimer, MartÍn Antonio Sabelli
  • The Insidious Injustice of the Trial Penalty: “It is not the intensity but the duration of pain that breaks the will to resist.” – Emma Andersson, Jeffery Robinson
  • Not for Human Consumption: Vague Laws, Uninformed Plea Bargains, and the Trial Penalty – Branden A. Bell
  • Innocents Who Plead Guilty: An Analysis of Patterns in DNA Exoneration Cases – Glinda S. Cooper, Vanessa Meterko, Prahelika Gadtaula
  • Bargained Justice: The History and Psychology of Plea Bargaining and the Trial Penalty – Lucian E. Dervan
  • The “Virtual Extinction” of Criminal Trials: A Lawyer’s View from the Well of the Court – Frederick P. Hafetz
  • Plea-Trial Differences in Federal Punishment: Research and Policy Implications – Brian D. Johnson
  • Coerced Consent: Plea Bargaining, the Trial Penalty, and American Racism – Rick Jones, Cornelius Cornelssen
  • A Plea for Reviving the Right to a Jury Trial and a Remedy for Assembly-Line Justice – Marc A. Levin
  • Ameliorating the Federal Trial Penalty through a Systematic Judicial “Second Look” Procedure – JaneAnne Murray
  • Jury Empowerment as an Antidote to Coercive Plea Bargaining – Clark Neily
  • How the Threat of the Trial Penalty Coerces the Innocent to Plead Guilty: A First-Hand Account of an Exoneree – Chris Ochoa, Carlita Salazar
  • 1980s Sentencing Reform and Its Impact on Federal Plea Bargaining and the Trial Penalty – Marjorie J. Peerce, Brad Gershel
  • Weaponizing Justice: Mandatory Minimums, the Trial Penalty, and the Purposes of Punishment – Mary Price
  • Why the Founders Cherished the Jury – Vikrant P. Reddy, R. Jordan Richardson
  • The Trial Penalty: An International Perspective – Rebecca Shaeffer

Access the full collection here.