PBI works to make academic research and case law related to plea bargaining more accessible to policymakers, advocacy organizations, practitioners, and academics across various disciplines.

This is achieved through our summaries, which provide readers key information about important academic research and case law in the field. These summaries are located in this searchable database, allowing the user to identify the materials most important to their work.

Scope: Currently, the below summaries database contains a curated collection of significant U.S. Supreme Court cases involving plea bargaining since 1970. The current database also includes a handful of academic articles regarding plea bargaining. A large curated collection of significant plea bargaining academic research covering several decades will be added shortly. Further summaries of  research and caselaw will be added on a rolling bases and noted herein. Organizational research reports can be found on the website’s Reports page.

Note: Please note that this database and website do not include exhaustive collections of all caselaw, research, and reports related to plea bargaining. Rather, this database and website contain curated collections of materials selected at the discretion of the PBI and consistent with its mission to make plea bargaining resources and information more accessible to academics, practitioners, policymakers, and advocacy groups.

Did we miss something? If you would like to bring a research study, case, or report to our attention for potential inclusion in the database or website, please see the “Contact Us” page for information.